eye play the piano

eye play the piano

eye play the piano


Eye Play the Piano is a collaborative project between
the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School
for the Physically Challenged and FOVE.
Together they have developed the “Universal Piano.”
This project supports each and everyone’s
freedom of expression by allowing one to play the piano
without the use of hands or arms and instead
through the use of the eye tracking head mount device, FOVE.


Through the use of FOVE’s eye tracking technology,
the head mount recognizes the users eye movement.
The user blinks on one of the many panels within the interface
to trigger the preferred note, which is then conveyed to the piano.

The arrangement of the standard keyboard,
which is designed to be played by hand has been reassembled
to an interface which can be played by “sight.”
A very rich and varied musical performance can be obtained
through the combined application of the mono-tone mode and chorde mode.

The structure is built so the user can freely choose which sounds to assign in each mode,
allowing the interface to play a variety of different musical compositions depending on how the sounds are chosen.



Our goal is to donate the “Eye Play the Piano” device nationwide to 135 schools for the physically-disabled
(334 schools if calculated by departments) and currently we are gathering crowd-funding through the JapanGiving site.
Please help us in the expansion for special needs education.

Participate in Crowd-funding

If you want to support “Eye Play the Piano” project, we are happy to accept donation via bank-to-bank transfer.
You don’t need to sign up for the JustGiving website.
ust email the following information to info@fove-inc.com as you make a payment.

・Name of Account holder
・Mail address
・Shipping address
・Gift Number/Donation Price


When you transfer money, please refer to the following bank account information.

Beneficiary Account Number 608-0055681
Beneficiary Name JustGiving Japan Foundation

We offer a little gift to those who support.
Please refer to the following information when you decide the amount of your donation.

$8.4 (1,000yen) Thanks from the project team will be sent by email with a limited release movie of the making.
$25 (3,000yen) Supporter names will be featured on project homepage.
$42 (5,000yen) An audio CD played by the Eye Play the Piano system will be sent.
$84 (10,000yen) Invitation to a networking event with project members scheduled to be held within Tokyo. You can hear the project review and experience operational use of the system.
$420 (50,000yen) In addition to the event described above, invitation to an exclusive networking event with the project team will be sent.
$840 (100,000yen) Your Name or Logo on the FOVE Donation Units
After the project is complete, your name or corporate logo will be engraved onto the FOVE units to be donated to the 50 schools.
*No distinction is made between a personal and corporate logo.
*We will contact you directly later for the required information.
$4200 (500,000yen) A FOVE Prototype unit will be sent.
After completion of the project, you will be given the FOVE prototype unit used for Eye Play the Piano.
*"FOVE unit" refers to the head-mounted display unit itself and does not include the digital piano.